What a Welcome!

We are very humbled by the wonderful reception we've received from our Rockport friends and neighbors. We are over 3 months from our June soft-opening, and already the phone is ringing with the Cape Ann crepe-craving community! Here's what you want to know:

Are you local? (Yup! I live in Pigeon Cove, and while Luis is from over the line, my bet is that he'll be a transplant soon enough.)

Will you serve gluten-free options? (Oh yeah...and in fact our wheat liberated batter is every bit as mouth-watering as our original. Maybe order one of each and find out for yourself?)

Didn't I read about you in the newspaper?  (Like I said, we've been blown away by the reception from the community. We've been featured in the Salem News and the Gloucester Times--here's a link to the front page article from the Times. Our thanks to Dimitra for not writing a hit-piece.) 

Are you going to be open year-round? (Of course! Crepes are addictive. It wouldn't be ethical to get you hooked during the summer and then leave you jonesing all winter long.)

Check out our Facebook page, too, for more fun pictures of crepe prototypes and the build-out process of a 19th century grainery.