The Coffee Connect

We are so proud to announce that StudioCrepe will be partnering with Cape Cod Roasters to bring the freshest, most delicious coffee to the North Shore. You'll be guaranteed that your cup is not only flavorful, but the beans are harvested from farms that are members of the Rainforest Alliance, and the workers are all paid a livable wage. StudioCrepe will be offering a variety of preparations as well from cold brew to the majestic pour-over.

Unfamiliar with the pour-over method? Well, you only have about 8 weeks, and then you can experience it for your self. All we gotta say is--it'll be the most dazzling coffee you've ever had. 

Our thanks to Pam, Jan, Cindy and Derrick at Cape Cod Roasters. We look forward to a long, happy and prosperous future!