Happy New Year

As of Jan 1--StudioCrepe is 6 months old. I feel like I am 20 years older. This has been an amazing journey, and I am blown away by what we've accomplished since our opening. 

Except for the writing about it. This whole blogging-side has suffered. But no longer! (I think you've just figured out my New Year's resolution).

Look, this whole endeavor is amazing not just because of the beautiful bistro we are building, but because of the process, and the behind-the-scenes business of it. I really want to capture as much of this as I can WHILE it is happening. For both of us. 

So, this last sentence kinda begs the question about the tone of the blog. I really want to write it directly to you--my customer. You, the person who is sitting at table 3 drinking the ice tea I just brewed. You, the person who is in the booth (table 5) with your kids trying to get in a bite while they are pitching goldfish across the Studio. You, one my new best friends who also happens to perform here once a month. You get it.  So the tone is going to shift--being less about marketing, and more toward intimacy. 

I need this space, for me, to truly capture and articulate everything that is happening. And so I need this to be the most quiet, To encourage this genuine impulse toward camaraderie, I have turned the comments off. If you'd like to chat about what you've read here, please come by the Studio and let's share a glass of wine. Nothing could mean more to me.

Here's to us!

Happy New Year.