The February Hustle

Growing up, one of my favorite baseball players was Pete Rose. When I watched him, he played for the Philadelphia Phillies; he and I both shared the 70's bowl haircut, and my favorite part about him was his nickname: Charlie Hustle. I had a tee shirt with a picture of him slamming into an opposing catcher to score a game-winning run, and across the bottom in big black script it said, "Pete Rose. Hustle makes it happen." I loved him because even though he looked like he was carved out of a block of soap, he led the league in hits, at bats and games played. He just worked his butt off and somehow in a league where many players were taller, stronger, faster, and flashier...he won out.

This February that tee-shirt, and that phrase keep coming into my mind. Hustle makes it Happen. February is tough. Much of Rockport has fled to warmer climes, and many more have burrowed into their homes seemingly awaiting the April vacation week. But the StudioCrepe team is still committed to this idea of a year-round community restaurant. So, we've been cobbling together every event we can: hosting the Winter Farmers Market, fundraising for Cape Ann Animal Aid, catering events at the Elks club. Money is tight and both the snow and the Patriots have shut us down on a number of occasions. Still--Hustle Makes it Happen. We're gonna grind this month out, and March too. But come Spring and Summer, look out. We'll be swinging for the fences.