Who is StudioCrepe?

As of this writing, StudioCrepe is Luis and me. But in the next couple months, we're very excited to be adding a few pivotal new people... 

Luis is the Executive Chef--he's bringing his wealth of experience from the vibrant kitchens of NYC to our fair seaside community. He's married, has a beautiful little girl, loves to travel, and he's a beast on the basketball court. While he's making your Boston Creme Crepe, go ahead and ask him about his early years and playing milkcrate basketball in the streets of Brooklyn. Dude's no joke. And neither are his crepes.

Me? I'm David. I'm rapidly learning all of Luis' kitchen tricks and sprinting to open this beautiful cafe in time for summer. I've got 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a couple ex-wives (listed in order of preference--although some days the dogs are first.) I'm a local guy (I live in Pigeon Cove) and you'll be getting to know me also as the MC for the many open mics and performances we'll be holding. 

We're getting closer to sealing the deal with a talented local confectioner too. This person will be supplying us with delicious cakes for our sweet crepes (like the Boston Creme mentioned above). But this partnership will merit its own blog reveal, so more on this later.

My daughter, Cady (sorry about the dog wisecrack, sweetie) will also be joining the team when she's back state-side. Right now, she's in Chile as a Rotary Exchange Student. But, she's excited to learn the meaning of the phrase "sweat equity". This summer, she'll be working for peanuts, while earning an ownership stake in the business. Smart kid, but she's gonna need your tips to help pay her gas money.

And that does bring us finally to the most important (soon to be) member of the StudioCrepe family...YOU! All this effort won't mean a thing, if you aren't dazzled by our food, service, environment and community focus.  We really cannot wait to meet each and every one of you, and begin to build a lasting, meaningful relationship. 

(I should have ended there...but there's also no way--in this string of credits--I could forget to mention our incredibly generous landlord, Jay Smith. The building is coming out of its shell because of his commitment and vision. And Steve Klotz (from K&S Remodeling) is an inspired partner. His talent and experience are transforming the cafe's interiors and kitchen. And finally, thanks to Jack Campbell for launching us down this path with his architectural prowess.) 

Phew! We did it! That's us. That's StudioCrepe. Now, if you're in the market for work, and want to join this splendid team, reach out. We'll be accepting applications very soon. Keep your eye on our FB page for updates. Crepe on!