Interested to work at StudioCrepe? We'd love to chat with you about it! 

Answer the 10 application questions below and email them to: and


First—a little about us: Check out our What's Stirring blog and FB page for details on the StudioCrepe project and Luis and David. What’s really important to us is to create a dynamic environment where our guests are nurtured—by our food, our service, our atmosphere, and our integrity. Pivotal to all of this is to build an amazing team of warm, optimistic, curious, and hard-working people. If your confidence, empathy, and work-ethic is looking for a place to shine—please apply!


Now—tell us about you. Take your time. Be specific, and get creative.

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Home address and Email
  4. We are looking for people like us. People who have a passion for hospitality. People who value empathy and care of others.  Tell us about yourself, and how hospitality expresses itself in your work or personal life.
  5. Describe a time when you worked with a sense of urgency. How did that feel?
  6. How has your sense of humor been helpful to you in your work life?
  7. What are your dreams and aspirations? (Be honest. They probably will have nothing to do with a café in Rockport, and that’s just fine. But we really want to know what excites and motivates you.)
  8. Imagine you are an employee at StudioCrepe. What are the novel ways you can envision nurturing our guests?
  9. Let’s face it—people can sometimes be challenging. Ourselves included. What are your workplace strategies to overcome both your own bad moods, and the negativity of others?
  10. Who are two people, that know you really well, who we can call?
    • Person #1
    • Phone number
    • Person #2
    • Phone number

(Our thanks to Danny Meyer’s book, Setting the Table. We borrowed many of his ideas for this application. And if you’re interested to read about the qualities of the staff we’re looking for, check out chapter 7. If you’d like to know about our management approach, read chapters 9-11.)